Body Mapping

Performing artists need access to a tension-free
instrument to create an honest, heartfelt
performance.  A balanced and aligned body
combined with natural breathing is the
foundation for performance art and music-making. 
Body Mapping enables these professionals to
discover their bodies’ full potential.

Body Mapping is the conscious correcting, adjusting and refining of one's body map to produce efficient, graceful and coordinated movement.  Its goal is to provide performers with information, strategies and techniques to reduce and release muscle tension by retraining the body map.  Our body map is the brain’s internal representation of the body’s physical, muscular and mechanical properties, and its perception of the structures of the body and how they fit and function together based on life experience. This somatic modality increases anatomical and bio-mechanical knowledge and develops kinesthetic awareness from the inside out.  

All performance art is based in movement.  The integrity of any movement is dependent upon the body map that governs it.  Regardless of our performance medium or how we create and communicate art, our body is our principle instrument of expression.  Body Mapping allows us to become more in tune with our instruments.  Information acquired through discussions, exercises and application of body mapping principles allows us to learn how to identify and release long held muscular tension throughout our bodies.  With this release, stress is reduced, the body feels more open, aligned and balanced, the breath is more easily accessible and the artist’s instrument is freed.   The knowledge gained from Body Mapping allows performers to move and function more efficiently.  This reclaimed physical freedom empowers the artist at the very core of expression.

    Body Mapping Coachings

    Curious about how the human body works?  Want to discover ease in your performance?  Schedule a Body Mapping session and explore the conscious correcting and retraining of your individual body map to produce a free body and resonant voice.

    60 minute coaching

    • Immersion in body awareness, balance and alignment
    • Explore the body through movement and exercises
    • Wear comfortable clothes

     For more information or to book Jan for Body Mapping workshops and seminars, click here.



    • If you cancel less than 24 hours prior to your scheduled lesson, you will be responsible for 50% of the lesson fee.