Jan Prokop is serious fun. Her engaging, confident manner with our Penn State musical theatre students elicited exciting results. I was particularly struck by her uncanny ability to target specific points of tension and to offer effective strategies to alleviate it.
— Mary Saunders-Barton, Head - MFA Voice Pedagogy; Voice for Musical Theatre, Penn State University
A tall young tenor who had a very collapsed sternum, locked knees, jutting head and overall horrendous alignment has made marked improvement not only in his carriage and total alignment, but in his ease of high notes and overall resonance that he is now able to access. Dr. Prokop is an excellent collaborator and works in tandem with voice teachers to benefit their students.
— Dr. Lori McCann, Associate Professor, Coordinator of Vocal Studies, John J. Cali School of Music, Montclair State University
Our entire discussion about the arm structure was mind blowing. I’ve since realized that I’ve been engaging unnecessary muscles in my neck and back in order to move my arms. Realizing that those two things serve zero purpose in the movement of my arms has helped me tremendously, especially in dance classes. My pirouettes are better than ever.
— Hannah Bradley, What Every Performing Artist Needs to Know About the Body
I am so happy that Jan Prokop was able to work with my choir. She has an encyclopedic knowledge of body systems and how they work together to produce a healthy, free, beautiful tone, and she is able to impart that knowledge in a way that is easy to understand, fun, humorous, active, and individualized. My students saw immediate results in their own voices, and her techniques transformed our choral rehearsals for the rest of the year. Thank you, Jan.
— James Henry, Chairman Choral Department, University of Missouri-St Louis
Jan’s motivated and energetic instructional guidance in Body Mapping gave the students and faculty of the University of Utah’s Musical Theatre Program tangible and useful tools that were immediately applicable in the vocal studio and in performance. We have seen consistent improvement in student vocal technique since Jan’s workshop. She is an outstanding educator and mentor!
— David Schmidt, Assistant Professor, Head of Vocal Area, Department of Theatre, University of Utah
What Jan brought to the first Respiro master class served all of us well for the rest of the week as we built upon that information. Knowing how big a life size spine is and feeling the body’s circumference and points of balance puts the sometimes non-specific concepts of “stand up straight” and “breathe into your back” into a very clear picture.
— LeAnn Overton, Founder/Director, Respiro Opera
My favorite quote of the weekend was “Release to a place of no work.” This seems so simple, but for some reason this particular wording has really stuck with me and made some light bulbs turn on in my head. It’s my new mantra!
— AJ Foggiano, What Every Performing Artist Needs To Know About the Body
Instrumentalists must absolutely know about the body and the mechanics of playing their instruments in order to optimize performance and — most importantly — stay healthy. In an engaging and clear way, Dr. Prokop helped bring a deep understanding of the body to my trombone studio in a short time — my students are begging to have her return.
— Anthony Mazzocchi, Associate Director - Cali School of Music Ass’t Professor of Trombone, Montclair State University