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Jan’s knowledge of how the voice functions in the body has thoroughly prepared me for being a well-trained vocal professional. Her expertise in body mapping, musicality and vocal technique combine with her love for teaching to create a unique and welcoming environment from which to study. Whether I’m singing Broadway, rock or opera, she is truly the only voice teacher I will ever need.
— Christina DeCicco (Evita, Wicked, Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark)
I love Jan Prokop! Jan is an incredible teacher because she possesses a staggering knowledge of the voice and vocal production along with the rare ability to bestow that knowledge on to her students in a way that is accessible and effective. There truly is no one I would trust more to help you achieve your goals as a vocalist.
— Will Van Dyke (Composer/Music Director)
Jan saved my voice! Not only did she help me get my full range back, both soprano and chest voice, she taught me about my body. With personalized warm ups and body mapping, I have the HEALTHIEST, HAPPIEST voice in New York City!
— Tracy McDowell (Rent, Motown)
Jan is that rare, perfect combination of mama bear and maestro. She understands the emotional nature of actors and can handle our “baggage,” but then pairs it with a musical brilliance and knowledge that I have found unparalleled in the city. Her extensive knowledge of the voice itself and expertise in body mapping is the ideal combo for the musical theatre performer. She addresses the entire body and has a way of wording instruction that just makes sense and is accessible. She has truly changed my voice and prepared me for every job I’ve booked. I adore her and hold her in the highest esteem. She’s a vocal magician!
— Emily Mechler (Evita, The Visit, Wicked)
Jan has changed my breathing habits! She took me back to the basics and has made it easier for me to sing ALL styles. This is so important as a dancer/singer... breathing easily becomes tight. She prepped me for my auditions for the show I am currently touring with!! Thanks Jan!
— Mackenzie Warren (Cats, Anything Goes, Pippin - 1st National Tour)
Jan has absolutely revolutionized the way that I approach singing and vocal technique. Her emphasis on body work was particularly helpful because it allowed me to release an incredibly large amount of tension that I had been holding onto. Now I am able to sing effortlessly in both my head and chest voice. Can’t recommend her enough!
— Gerianne Pérez (Vocalosity, In Transit, Grease)
I have been singing for a long time and have had my fair share of technique and teachers. Working on your voice is so personal that finding the right teacher that gets you as a person and as an instrument is vitally important. Jan does that. She is warm, hilarious, and one of the most pedagogically sound teachers with whom I’ve worked. She addresses not only the vocal issues, but also the physiological ones. She may have some unorthodox methods, but if you go for the ride the result is a seamless, easy sound from top to bottom. I am lucky to not only call Jan my teacher, but also a friend. I could not recommend her more.
— Alison Mahoney (Evita - 1st National Tour, Mary Poppins)
I met Dr. Jan my freshman year at NYU/CAP21. At that time, I was convinced I was not a singer and I let my insecurities get in the way of my singing. Jan saw that immediately and built me up emotionally as well as technically. After graduating I went back to Dr. Jan for private vocal coaching. Dr. Jan is always expanding her knowledge of the voice and anatomy, and I always come out of our lessons knowing more about my own vocal cords and body.
— Stephanie Israelson (My Big Gay Italian Wedding, LOVE/SICK, A Chorus Line)
Whenever someone compliments my voice I immediately give the praise to Jan Prokop. When I started with Jan, I had a teacher who trained me to use my body incorrectly causing me to have no access to my full range. For the first 6 weeks of lessons, Jan and I didn’t sing; we just worked on finding my center and getting rid of all of my unnecessary tensions. Once I was in my neutral body, my voice was found! I remember having a voice lesson where I sang and she and I both teared up because we did it! I was singing confidently thanks to her. I owe my entire career to her training and anyone would be lucky to work with her.
— Phil Sloves (White Christmas, The Producers)
Jan takes such great care of all her students, and tailors our work together to make sure I am getting the best and healthiest sound for me.
— Megan Leonard (National Voice-Over Artist)
I say all the time that Jan is 100% responsible for my vocal range. When I started with Jan my highest belted note was a C above middle C. I now have a high G on a bad day. She’s a genius!
— Stevi Incremona (PLAY/DATE)
Jan Prokop is not only an exceptional teacher but a supportive friend and ally. Training with Dr. Jan has allowed me to expand my abilities as well as given me the confidence and guidance necessary to reach my vocal goals!
— Joey Merlo (Actor/Playwright)
I’ve been through several voice teachers in the past 11 years and Jan Prokop is the one who has stuck. She will challenge you and help you build a solid technique that truly applies to every musical style and situation. She’s always up for a project and will save your life time and time again. 
— Teresa Wittleder (Les Misérables, The Addams' Family)
Jan Prokop is the best voice teacher in the game— period. You are probably wondering why I may think that. Well, I have been training with Jan since I was fifteen years old and I can honestly say I would not be the singer or, perhaps more importantly, the storyteller and performer that I am without Jan. With each passing year, I grow so much and she has helped me understand the important and realistic connections between vocal technique with the process of telling a story on stage. She is incredibly in tune with each of her students and is willing to take as much time and care to ensure progress and understanding within the lesson. I now feel I am more aware of maintaining proper vocal health for both singing and speaking day to day. Jan is intelligent, bold and incredible asset to the voice and theater community. I’ve been with her for six years and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. There are oh so many wonderful things one can say about this extraordinary woman and she never ceases to inspire me.
— Katherine Banos (Action, Unknown Soldier)
I found Jan Prokop shortly after having surgery on my vocal cords. The surgical and rehab experience had left me mildly traumatized and literally scared to sing. Working with Jan restored my confidence and made me a better, more joyful singer than I’d been before. Jan’s mastery and intelligence are equally matched by her warmth and kindness. I cannot recommend this woman more highly!
— Kristen Cerelli